ĎPenny a Push!í
Itís About Time
Project's goal:
To install at least one Automated Door
in every
 Palm Beach County Public School
by May 31, 2010

180 Public Schools
180 School Days
180 Door Openers
Let's Do It!

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E-Quality of Life Foundation, Inc.
PO Box 4274
Jupiter, FL 33469
(561) 401-7630
A 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
Registration #N07000003079


Board of Directors

Through media coverage and school-based community involvement, this project will bring awareness to the general public of the simple solution that increases the quality of life by providing

safety, security, independence and dignity for the physically challenged.


Help us make this a successful campaign so that we can move on to the next County and State!

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